Anu Nigam, Sand Hill Angels

Fri, 04/22/2011 - 21:19
Submitted by siteadmin

Anurag Nigam is a past President of Sand Hill Angels.  He is the Co-Chair of the Social Membership Committee with Andrea Zurek and he also manages the overall Sand Hill Angels membership process.  He is an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and has has been part of 6 different startups.  He was part of the founding teams & leading ASIC efforts at Cerent Corp (bought by Cisco) and Siara Systems (bought by Redback Networks).  Anurag switched into the consumer Internet space and was is an investor and founder of, a profitable social networking site with over 20M users.  He currently is the founder and CEO of, a social discovery platform that is in early alpha.

He has been an active angel investor and entrepreneur for the last 7 years putting money into 20+ companies.  Anurag has spoken at events and actively helps startups understand that great technology doesn't always make a good business. His current investment interests are consumer internet, consumer product and medical devices.