How It Works

Launch: Silicon Valley was founded in 2005 as an annual event to provide a cost effective platform for Northern California startsups to launch their products.  It quickly garnered attention from otehr regions, and now attracts submissions from around the world.
How it works:
Companies wishing to be considered for launching their products at Launch: Silicon Valley need to submit an executive summary describing their product & the company, at least a month in advance of the event, & sooner if possible, as we typically receive over 400 submissions.

Each submission is reviewed by at least 2 of our review panelists, and companies that recieve 2 thumbs up are invited to participate.

On the day of the event, each participating company has 10 minutes on stage - 6 minutes to pitch & 4 minutes to answer questions from panelists & audience members.

At the end of each of the sessions - Clean Tech, Life Science, Mobile & Media, 2 for Next Generation Internet, and Technology - the audience & panels of experienced investors vote for the product the feel is "most likely to succeed"

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